Carolina Transparency

Voter Registration Tracker Voter Registration Tracker You've seen the vote tracker - now you can see the same breakdowns of everyone that's registered to vote in North Carolina. Break down the data any way you'd like, and compare to who actually voted on the Vote Tracker.


Vote Tracker Vote Tracker: 2012 Election Early voting is already underway for the 2012 general election. Keep track with the most comprehensive visual voter statistics available. You can view cross-sections and demographics by age, party, county, district, and much more. Voter Registration Changes Voter Registration Changes Does your county lean Republican or Democratic? Find out the party and race makeup of each county, and the change in registration from month to month. General Assembly Changes Visualize the General Assembly Get at-a-glance info on every seat in the General Assembly, including appointments and resignations. Includes an interactive map view, and data on general elections from 1996-2012.
Statements of Economic Interest What businesses does your legislator have a hand in? Read through the new 2011 statements of economic interest and find out. North Carolina's Earmarks Is your congressman bringing home the bacon, or stuffing us with pork? Browse this complete list of NC's requested earmarks by city and by congressman, with descriptions of each.

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