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Carolina Transparency has a lot of raw data. Unfortunately, there's often so much of it that we don't catch all of the interesting stories that the data show. So if you find something interesting in the data, or know a story that explains an odd feature, share it with us, and discuss what others have shared! We'll report the best ones on our blog and credit you.

Please read through the topics before you post. If your finding already has a post, you can make additional comments in that topic.

What kinds of things should I post?

0 Primary 2014 Vote Tracker Numbers???? By James R. Button on Jun 4, 2014 0
0 New Civilian Absentee by Mail Ballots By Janice Wilson on May 1, 2014 0
+2 Voptes in House District 71: No Primary Exist By Kris MccAnn on Apr 26, 2014 0
+1 Use the topic post below for interesting things By Civitas Institute on Apr 11, 2014 0

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